The mountain dulcimer was not originally used to play the blues, and the diatonic fretboard presents some important obstacles for those of us who want our dulcimers to weep and moan and sing the blues. But those obstacles can be overcome.  This page aims to offer resources for those who wish to explore the world of the blues on the Mountain Dulcimer.

Bing Futch provided us all an introduction to the Blues when he visited RCD at the Strum Shop in October, 2015. Much of what he taught us can be found in his Dulcimer Sessions Blog entitled Mountain Dulcimer Blues 101.

On a couple of occasions I taught introductory blues lessons at our monthly RCD gatherings.  I will slowly be uploading relevant material here.  The first piece is an explanation of the basic 12-bar blues structure, which you can find here.  More to come as time allows.