Not Just O'Carolan: Celtic Tunes for Dulcimer Jams

Genuine Irish or Celtic Jams are difficult to join, especially with a dulcimer.  The musicians assume everyone knows the songs and what key they are played in, and the playing is generally very fast.  But many Celtic tunes work exceptionally well on the dulcimer.   Below is working list of Celtic tunes that have become part of the common dulcimer repertoire. Midi files and standard music notation for nearly all these tunes is available online at the Celtic Wandering Piper songlist, and another great source for learning by ear is the "snips and clips" page at When possible I have included links to simple tablature.

All Through the Night  tab 1 

Ash Grove  pdf

Auld Lang Syne  tab 1

Blackest Crow  tab 1

Blind Mary  tab 1 (low octave)   tab 2 (high octave)

Bunessan (Morning Has Broken)  tab 1

Down By the Sally Gardens  tab 1

Fanny Power  tab 1

Farewell to Tarwathie  tab 1

Farewell to Whisky  tab 1

Flowers of Edinburgh  tab 1

The Leaving of Liverpool  tab 1


Loch Lomond  tab 1

Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)  link 1

Maggie in the Woods  tab 1

Off to California   tab 1 (low octave)  tab 2 (high octave)

The Parting Glass  tab 1

Red-Haired Boy

Rights of Man** tab 1

Rosin the Beau  pdf

Rickett's Hornpipe  tab 1

Scotland the Brave tab  1 (high octave)   tab 2 (low octave)

Saint Anne's Reel  tab 1

Si Beag Si Mohr  tab 1

Skye Boat Song   tab 1

Soldier's Joy  tab 1

Southwind  tab 1

Star of the County Down  tab 1

The Water is Wide  pdf

Whiskey Before Breakfast  tab 1

The Wind that Shakes the Barley  tab 1

Ye Banks and Braes of Bonnie Doon  tab 1

** an asterisk indicates the use of a capo **