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Below are MP3 files demonstrating slow, "practice speed" versions of the arrangements in my Songs of Old Albion and Erin book of tablature. I have tried to play the tunes exactly as they appear in the tablature, but if a stray bass note or hammer-on snuck into the recordings, I apologize. The tunes are played slower than performance speed but still fast enough, I hope, to provide a feel for the rhythm. And I have tried to stick to a strict tempo, which I would likely vary in a performance. I hope these demos help you learn the tunes.  

To download a zip folder with MP3 files of demos of all the tunes in the book, click here. You can listen to the audio files directly from this webpage by clicking on an individual title below. Should you wish, you can also download an individual title. In Chrome or Firefox, just right-click anywhere in the audio player and choose "save audio as." In Safari, CTRL + click on the title of the tune and choose "download linked file" or "download linked file as." If you encounter any problems listening to or downloading these files, please Contact Dusty.

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