Below are MP3 files demonstrating the arrangements in my Songs of Old Albion and Erin book of tablature. I have tried to play the tunes exactly as they appear in the tablature, but if a stray bass note or hammer-on snuck into the recordings, I apologize.  I hope these demos help you learn the tunes.  The tunes are played significantly slower than performance speed but still fast enough, I hope, to provide a feel for the rhythm.  And I have tried to stick to a strict tempo, which I would likely vary in a performance.

If you encounter any problems listening to or downloading these files, please Contact Dusty.

The Ash Grove

Auld Lang Syne

Blind Mary (low octave)

Blind Mary (high octave)

Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn

Bunessan (Morning Has Broken)

Cader Idris

Éamonn A’ Chnoic

Fáinne Geal An Lae 

The Fair Flower of Northumberland

Fanny Power

Farewell to Whisky

The Four Marys

The Gossip's Frolick

Hela'r Sgyfarnog (low octave)

Hela'r Sgyfarnog (high octave)

Jack's Maggot

Meillionen o Feirionnydd

The Mill, Mill O

Mo Ghile Mear

The Moreen

The Morpeth Rant

The New Rigged Ship

Oldham Rant

Once I Loved a Maiden Faire

Parson's Farewell (in Bm)

Parson's Farewell (in Em)

The Parting Glass

Planxty Hewlett

Planxty Irwin

The Road to London

The Rose Tree

The Sussex Carol

Will Ye No Come Back Again? (in D)

Will Ye No Come Back Again? (in G)

The World Turned Upside Down

Y Deryn Pur